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Vintage ceramic cupped hands vase. Pale pastel hands holding a flower vase, lace style sleeves with golden bows and a pink and blue flower design. The nails are painted in gold as well. There is a dark paint flaw on one hand, could be passed off as a mole. Flower vase is smaller in size and is a stunning iridescent, opal, translucent, opalescent color. Sticker on bottom reads “a Ruben’s original Japan.” Perfect single flower vase. Or even for a bouquet of smaller florals. Maybe even just used as random home decor. Would be cute as a pencil or pen holder in an office, on a desk or in a study. Or just as a decorative home décor decoration accent on a table of shelf in any room. The vase has gorgeous shabbychic, country, barn, farm, Victorian, Edwardian, old, aged, vintage, cottage, retro, minimalist, witchy, celestial, witch, farmhouse, shabby chic, chippy, fancy, mid century modern, boho, elegant, royal, Rocco in style.

5 1/2 inches tall, 2 7/8 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide, 1 3/4 inches deep.

Cupped hands flower vase #B2

  • $0-$14.95=$4.95








    $145.95 and up=$39.95

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