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Available scents are Bum Bum, Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Peppered Suede(masculine), White Sage & Lavender, Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Orange Blossom, Lime & Coconut, Peppermint Mocha, and Day at the Spa.

Each scent comes as is or with menthol added.

The more steam in your bathroom, the stronger the scents. My bathroom is really big so they are not as strong for me. In our guest bathroom, the scents are strong because it is a much smaller room. Because of my big bathroom, I choose menthol because it makes things smell more Hope that helps. Please read the info below about shower steamers!


A shower steamer is basically a bath bomb for your shower. It fizzles, bubbles and releases an amazing scent while you shower but won’t require you to take out a loan to pay for your water bill. They’re super easy to use too – simply place one somewhere in your shower, and as water hits it, it fizzles and releases an amazing mix of essential oil scents into the air. The steamer portion of the name comes from the fact that the steam and humidity generated from a hot shower helps to enhance the aroma of the essential oils in the air.

Most people don’t really give a second thought to their shower routines, and why would they? Showers are a super efficient way to shave some serious time off your morning routine and are a much better means for cleaning oneself than a bath. For most people, their shower routine consists of jumping in, quickly cleaning themselves, and then hopping out all within a few minutes. The shower though is a great place to slow things down, de-stress and do some of your best thinking. Whether you shower in the morning or at night, taking some extra time to really enjoy your shower is a great way to plan how your day is going to go or reflect on how it went - and a shower steamer can help create an environment that encourages you to relax, de-stress and think more clearly.

Peppermint & Eucalyptus are also great for relieving nasal congestion, and as you can likely imagine, a hot shower with the sharp smell of mint and eucalyptus cutting through the air can provide relief to those suffering from nasal congestion, seasonal allergies or a winter cold.
Our steamers do not have color or florals added to them because we do not want to stain your shower or clog your drain!

Handmade Shower Steamers

  • $0-$14.95=$4.95 shipping fee
    $55.95 & up=$16.95

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