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Harrison Howard mesh royal blue fly horse mask. New without tags. Size large ( 22”- 40.5” - 28.5”)

RELIABLE UV PROTECTION: Dense, breathable, and non-heat-transferring fine mesh fly mask. It's durable enough to protect your horse from harsh UV rays and minimizes the chance of causing skin conditions, meanwhile providing noticeable shading and cooling from light and sunshine.

GREAT FOR SUMMER: Specifically designed for horses that get annoyed by summer nuisance such as horseflies, pollen, direct UV rays, debris, etc. Made from high-quality materials, this fly mask is perfect for summertime.

SOFT FLEECE TRIM: Softly padded edges to reduce pressure marks on the horse's skin, making this fly mask super comfortable to wear. In the meantime, it keeps debris and flying particles from getting under the fly mask.

FORELOCK OPENING: A generous opening in-between the ears allows plenty of room for horses with a large forelock. With the extra hair pulled out of the forelock opening, the mask will lay comfortably and flat on the horse's head.

SECURE FIT: Secured with one adjustable touch-and-go chin strap under the jaw, this fly mask fits every horse and stays in place without slipping.

Horse mask #B3

  • $0-$14.95=$4.95








    $145.95 and up=$39.95

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