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Lot of some vintage and some unique bagged jewelry. Lots of flaws due to age, Paint chips, fading, cracking and some broken. Perfect crafting lot. Please, refer to pictures for condition. One is metal skull and Fleur de Lis watch bracelet by Ellemenno, a resin vintage Asian style bracelet, a metal faux red gem/crystal/stone bracelet, a wooden broken religious bracelet, and 3 various metal type of crosses, one is possibly brass with gemstones on it, another is a simple gold color cross and the other a golden “I am a catholic please call a priest.” Cross and the last a pewter saint with “pray for us” engraved on the back. Would be great to use in an art or craft project. Possibly even cleaned up and repurposed, recycled, and upcycled. You could turn these into all sorts of jewelry, keychains, rings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets and other accessory items. Lots of options for these vintage, old, aged, antique, rustic, toy, old fashion, old school, antiqued.

All range in size.

Lot of bagged jewelry #B8

  • $0-$14.95=$4.95








    $145.95 and up=$39.95.

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