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Vintage shell shaped napkin holder and salt and pepper shaker set. Made out of ceramic and is an off white antique cream in color with lots of colorful specks. Green, orange, yellow, black, brown colors on them! Gold colored sticker at the bottom reads “Da-Ra creations “Let our ideas reflect your good taste” U.S.A.”.The shell napkin holder has a fun unique frilly, ornate, swirly nautical seashell design. Would be perfect for tea parties, events, celebrations, party, or even special occasions lunches, or a even a picnic. Would look cute in a kitchen on a table as a centerpiece or a dining room table holding napkins. Possibly even in a bathroom holding rolled towels, tissue or even Qtips, or cotton balls. Or even in a living room holding tissue as well. Lots of options would even be cute on a shelf or table just as a decorative home décor decoration accent item in any room. Both the salt and pepper shakers still have their stoppers they are in a fun round oval shape plus both are in perfect shape. Would look cute on the kitchen table or dinning room table perfect for rv living, even for camping or picnics. So cute! Unique shaker set. Lovely farm, barn, English, french, country, cottage, shabbychic, rustic, 70’s, mid century modern, retro, hippy, farmhouse, chippy, shabby chic, rustic, rusty, farmhouse, elegant, beachy, vintage, old, aged, ocean, sea, beach, lake, water in style.

Napkin holder measures-4 1/4 inches tall, 4 3/4 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide, 3 1/8x 3 1/2 inches deep. Shakers measure- 3 3/8 inches tall, 2 7/8 inches long, 1 3/8 inches wide.

Nautical napkin and shaker set #B8

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    $145.95 and up=$39.95

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