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We have 3 different sizes in car fresheners. This is for the small size. We also have medium size for $5 and large size for $7 so check those out too!
The bigger the freshener, the stronger the scent so keep that in mind. If you are driving a big vehicle, the people in the back may not smell the freshener if it is too small for the space.
Each car freshener is made to order so they are as fresh as possible for you which means they will last longer! How long the scent will last in your car will vary but it should be 4-8 weeks. The warmer the car is, the stronger the scent will become.
24 hour turn around on all scents that are currently ready to go(marked with a * in the drop down menu). All other scents require an extra 5 days to make so keep that in mind. 
Colors are not available for request unfortunately. Just shape and scent.
We will be adding more shapes as we go along so feel free to message us and request a shape!
Each car freshener will come shrink wrapped. Because of the nature of the product, we suggest not 'stocking up' because the freshener will loose it's potency over time.
Each freshener comes with a metallic stretchy string to hang easily over your car mirror. 

Small Car Freshener

  • These car fresheners are meant to be hung.
    Setting them on a surface can possibly result in some transfer of the scent, coloring, or gel beads onto the surface which can damage the surface.
    Do not place on any surface without protection underneath.

  • $0-$14.95=$4.95
    $145.95 and up=$39.95

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