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Vintage brass dual candlestick candle holder. Gold brown in color and made out of brass. Has patina and tarnish from age. Would look nice polished up and made to look new and shiny or left to it’s old aged charm. Has two arms with two candlestick candle holders attached. Has a circular hanger at the top to be hung up on the wall. Would be perfect hanging wall decorative home décor decoration accents. Perfect on a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, wall. Or even possibly on the porch or patio. Would look cute holding tapered candles or even Faux fake LED flames less candles. Maybe with some greenery or garland draped on it. So many options for this wall sconce. Lovely fun frilly swirly antique design. Elegant shabbychic, country, cottage, farmhouse, English, French, vintage, aged, old, antiqued, shabby chic, mid century modern, medieval, style.

10 inches long, 8 inches wide, 1 1/2 inches deep.

Vintage brass wall sconce #B6

  • $0-$14.95=$4.95








    $145.95 and up=$39.95

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