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Vintage copper pot. The hardware is made of rustic metal. Antique cooper Kettle. Possibly even Handmade, it is green in areas due the age. Some black colors due to the age as well. Has some holes and dents due to age, use, storage and being exposed to the elements. Please refer to all the pictures. Has lots of tarnish and patina. Lovely rustic style! Vintage extremely rustic with lots of pretty natural patina copper pot. The hardware on the bucket are made out of metal. It has a hammered texture and look to it. Would look great polished up but looks awesome tarnished. Would make a cute potted plant holder, or even just as kitchen decor. It would look great as outdoor decor on a porch, patio, yard or in a garden holding faux fake florals or fresh flowers or a plant. Definitely needs a good cleaning. Would even look cute in a bathroom holding rolled towels or small toiletries. Would even make a great art or craft project, you would try to restore it, or recycle, repurpose or upcycle it into something new! Lots of options. Would make an excellent potted plant holder maybe for succulents or flowers. Would even look nice with some faux fake florals inside! It definitely has a very witchy witch cauldron style to it. Would even make good realistic seasonal Halloween decor! But I see it in a garden with flowers or on a porch or patio or even yard as art decor. Has 3 little feet with a unique twisted handle. Unique Very farmhouse, country, cottage, shabby chic, rusty, minimalist, mid century modern, rustic, rusty, vintage, old, aged, barn, farm, style!

7 3/4 inches tall, 6 1/2 inches wide, 7 3/4 inches deep.

Vintage rustic copper pot #B10

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    $145.95 and up=$39.95.

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