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MudPaint is easy to use, fast drying, and adheres to any surface. It has great coverage that makes it so most customers only need to use one coat. A little goes a long way! MudPaint works great for distressing & aging as well as on pieces where a smooth & sleek finish is desired.

MudPaint’s 39+ colors can be mixed together to achieve your own custom blends. MudPaint is a clay-based paint so it is easy to create different looks. Our customers love MudPaint & use it to paint a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Along with the finest paint we could create, we also offer amazing finishes. All our waxes are sourced from a small-batch, 5th-generation family-run company located in Wales, United KingdomFor finishes, we carry our Matte Protective Clear Coat and a quick drying furniture wax which both have amazing reviews! See for yourself why MudPaint truly is the painter’s paint!
***All paint orders will come directly from the manufacture if you require shipping. We order as needed so that you don't receive old product. It may take a few days extra but we promise it will be worth the wait!

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